Fjildlab: field laboratory in Northeast Fryslân 


Fjildlab is a field laboratory for the strengthening of the circular economy and a sustainable agricultural sector in Northeast Fryslân.

We strive for a high-quality landscape with an international appearance in which living and working, recreation and tourism and the services of nature are balanced and resistant to the influences of climate change.

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Fjildlab Northeast Fryslân

Within the Fjildlab: the field laboratory for strengthening the circular economy and a sustainable agricultural sector in Northeast Fryslân, sustainable agriculture-related issues such as globalization, climate change, salinisation and the enhancement of nature, landscape and biodiversity are tackled. The Fjildlab collaboration partners are working on innovative solutions and new business models for the agricultural sector. Innovation projects are being developed for this within the following themes.

Nature, landscape and biodiversity

Using nature, biodiversity, landscape and the recreational sector for new products and services, for example: revenue models for stimulating biodiversity, regional products and activities that fit into this region.


Healthy soil: as a basis for the circular economy, for example: the production and application of Bokashi and the use of manure to stimulate soil life.

Water and agriculture 

Upgrading of blue and green ecosystem services for example: research into new crops and utilization of products from these crops.

Sustainable energy 

Regionally produced and marketed sustainable energy for example: connecting farmers and citizens when installing solar panels and small wind turbines, looking at the possibilities of energy storage, the search for a regionally suitable energy subsidy and revenue models.


Regional processing of manure for example: new applications for manure such as T-shirts from cattle slurry and searching for cross-over possibilities.


Residual flows were upgraded for example by closing the protein and mineral requirements.

Mitigation and adaptation to salinization 

Developing saline products and services, for example: research into the mitigation of salinisation by smarter use of water and focusing on the cultivation and market development of saline crops and the development of a regional knowledge and expertise center on salinization.

Food and nutrition

Producing healthy, regional and functional food, for example projects around locally produced food.

Open structure Fjildlab

Many of the relevant agricultural networks are already involved within Fjildlab, including Agrarisch Collectief Waadrâne and the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden association, which actively represent more than 1,000 agricultural entrepreneurs in both livestock and agriculture, Small Business entrepreneurs Federation Noordoost-Friesland) and the Knowledge and Innovation House (KEI). In addition, the municipalities Noardeast-Fryslân, Tytsjerksteradiel, Achtkarspelen, Dantumadiel (united in ANNO), Wetterskip Fryslân, Province of Fryslân and various knowledge institutes such as SPNA, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, NHL-Stenden, Nordwin, University of Groningen and Wageningen University are connected.

Region Deal Northeast Friesland

The content of the Regio Deal relates to innovation in the four strongest sectors of the region: agro-food, metal technology, construction and tourism & recreation. Northeast Fryslân has the ambition to increase the Gross Regional Product by € 400 million in 2025 by focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and partnership.
In order to realize the agro-food ambition, governments, institutions and entrepreneurs work together within the Fjildlab. Fjildlab works with a budget of 16 million euros for the next five years. In addition to the government’s contribution, the province of Fryslân, the municipalities of Tytsjerksteradiel, Noardeast-Fryslân, Achtkarspelen and Dantumadiel, education and the business community also provide co-financing. For the time being, work is done on the basis of a pre-financing by Wageningen University, Agrarisch Collectief Waadrâne, association Noardlike Fryske Wâlden and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.

Collaboration and more information

Fjildlab is open to more participants from the region to tackle projects together, also within the municipalities of Smallingerland and Waadhoeke. Do you see opportunities to collaborate or do you want more information? Contact Durk Durksz, Fjildlab project leader or 06 – 224 528 55.

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